Nov, 2013

Head over to the Yacht Shop for some deals that you don’t want to pass up! Happy Thanksgiving!

Yacht Shop Black Friday

Shout out to the homie Rey Resurreccion rocking our Squad snap in this jam session video with Gyrefunk.

The homie Nonsense just dropped this theatrical track Spurs & Stripes featuring Kixxie Siete.

Nonsense - "Spurs & Stripes" ft. Kixxie Siete

Locked ourselves in the lab this weekend to wrap up Kixxie Siete’s Unwrapped project. This mini mixtape, produced entirely by Matt Shimamoto, will feature tracks with Artie McCraft and Hersh Lucci. Release date will be announced soon.

Kixxie Siete - "Unwrapped"

Kixxie Siete - "Unwrapped"

Kixxie Siete - "Unwrapped"

Kixxie Siete & Infameezy.

Kixxie Siete - "Fly Away" Prod. Infameezy

Platinum Standard featuring Parker (DFD).

Mike B - "Untouchable" (ft. Parker) Prod. Lo Def

The Bar (Bambu & Prometheus Brown) drop a remix to the Angry Locals’ “Locals Only”. This is the first leak off their upcoming album Barkada.

The Bar - Locals Only remix

Yesterday, the Wu Tang Clan celebrated the 20 year anniversary of the Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) album.

Sunday Selection

Every Saturday morning I start my day off by watching some Ted Talks. As I try to get more active on our blog again, I want to share some things with you that will give insight in what drives our company.

Ever since Nipsey dropped his $100 mixtape and started this Proud to Pay movement, I’ve been really trying to figure out my own thoughts on the value of “art”. At this Ted event, Rodney Mullen spoke on the idea of “getting up again.” After reading a book by Russell Simmons earlier this year, I taught myself that I don’t necessarily know more things than anyone, rather, we all actually know everything but we just need constant reminder from each other of what we already know. Rodney Mullen explains here that he’s not telling you anything you don’t know already, instead he is just putting faces from his community on this idea and hopes that it translates to everyone else’s community. He uses the example of how many times a skateboarder falls and gets back up again just to land a trick that will last 3 or 4 seconds. For that 3-4 seconds of success, there was hours to days of failure and getting back up again. That easily translated to me on what it takes to make one song, let alone a whole album. A song can take hours of writing and recording just to get it perfect so that a listener can truly understand what an artist is trying to say. Reflecting on this really brings me back to why we even do this. Our passion for improvement drives us to create more and create what our art is worth. The way you take it in is up to you, you just have to translate it to whatever your art may be.