Jun, 2011

Believe it or not, we do read your guys’ comments. Wondering why Kixx hasn’t dropped a mixtape/album yet? Hit him up and ask him yourself.

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Check out this video I did for R ProductionsGrey Palm Trees beat. It’s crazy how much I’ve learned from this kid in the past year, and it’s always dope to get to work with him. This dude’s doing big things, keep a red eye out for him.

J Cole’s album is set to release in September, which means the next couple months is time for promo. Cole decided to put together a v-log series titled Cole Summer. I watched episode 1 last night when it dropped and it already passed 10k views, J Cole has definitely picked up a buzz. Cole world make way for the chosen one.


Drake’s ugly ass dropped the video for Marvin’s Room today.

Finally Famous in stores June 28.

I’ll put up a video from Go Skate day by tomorrow, for now here’s a clip of Goldee. And check out this video from OlogyTV. The Ology Crew, Dirty Boys & Yacht Klub were thick in Venice.

We hope everyone enjoyed Go Skate Day yesterday. Check back later this week for a video recap of the Yacht Klub’s day at Venice Beach.

The Whoevers have been putting in work out in Chicago. Peep their latest music video for this week’s “Who Wednesdays” joint, All Night. Follow them on facebook for a new drop every Wednesday.