Apr, 2011

Stay medicated.

*Off the Top Tuesdays will return next week.

Since I work in LA, its only fitting that I go out and try the infamous food trucks roaming around from time to time. So I recently tried the Jogasaki Truck which is a burrito & sushi fusion. I don’t recall any names for each item, I think they were all called ” Jogasaki Burritos” labeled with a number. I tried the #2(?) which had crab meat, spicy tuna, and shrimp tempura. It was basically 3 different rolls rolled up into one burrito sized roll wrapped in soy paper. But for $8 bucks, you get more than enough food. Follow them on twitter if you want to go try it yourself.

I went out to Little Tokyo yesterday to check out the Art in the Streets exhibit at the MOCA. It covers the movement of street art all the way from Wild Style in the 70’s to cholo gang graff in East LA to the surf/skate culture brought up in Venice & Santa Monica. It’s running until August 8, so there is plenty of time to go check it out. For more photos, check out our tumblr.

Visit our tumblr for more photos!

Happy holidays. Smoke heavy, breathe easy.

Italian Hogie from Philly’s Best.
munchie mondays

Latest video from Los for the song “Angel in a New Dress.” The crown ain’t safe…

Our friends from Dime a Dozen Clothing put together a video of the team from their recent trip to Vegas. If you haven’t heard of Dime a Dozen yet, I suggest you get in the know because they’re making their way to the top of the game with artists such as Chevy Woods and Howard Flozstello reppin’ their gear. Keep an eye out for the Dime a Dozen team. Their Spring/Summer 2011 Collection is dropping soon.

Chevy Woods alongside Wiz Khalifa.
Chevy Woods
Howard Floztello @ SXSW.
Howard Floztello

Check out the homie Young MEl on June 3rd in San Pedro. He’ll be opening for Nipsey Hussle. I know we got some Nipsey fans out there. Add Young MEl on facebook for ticket info!
Nipsey Hussle

The Rainset put together a little teaser/recap from Rain Rhyme IV. Battle videos should be up soon enough.

No Off the Top Tuesdays today but for the mean time, here’s the latest video from R Productions. A piano cover to Kanye‘s “All of the Lights.”

Thank you to The Rainset for holding the event this past weekend. Unfortunately Kixxie took another L, but he had undoubtedly the best bar for bar battle of the night. Shout out to Chedda3000 for doing his thing. Here are a few flicks from the night.
Yacht Klub
Yacht Klub
Peep the steez. Shout out to Abstraxx Fabrixx.
Abstraxx Fabrixx