Mar, 2011

Peep this recent video from OLOGY TV. Funny ass skit featurin DeJay & Goldie!

Blunts, Bitches, & Forties.
Yacht Klub



Finally found me some of these. Some fire munchies to complement that fire you smokin.

Here’s a quick sixteen from Kixxie Siete.

Check out the homie Kevin Prudencio from Illinois. He recently added a couple new pieces to his series of spray cans. Expect to see more cool shit from him in the near future. Check out his website to see more of his work.

This is from 2 years ago but these bars are gettin’ slept on. New shit comin’ soon, don’t sleep.

Table hits with Kixx.

Kixxie Siete messin’ around spittin to stuff he’s seeing on TV.

Sisig burrito from the White Rabbit Truck. Just another one of those food trucks, this one is a Filipino x Mexican fusion.

Sisig Burrito x White Rabbit Truck

Hope you all are keepin up with Battle at the Berrics, the match ups on these battles are dope. Here are the battles from the weekend if you aren’t familiar with The Berrics. First up, Dennis Busenitz vs Wade Desarmo. Busenitz’ steez is always dope ridin’ twice as fast as everyone else, but damn Wade Desarmo got that Antwan Dixon steez doing everything clean and making it look easy, but too bad he couln’t land any tricks.

Billy Marks vs Benny Fairfax

Tickets for Rain Rhyme IV are no longer going to be sold at the door. In order to get in you MUST buy a presale ticket. Space is limited and tickets are almost gone but you can still purchase a ticket here on our site (limited availability) if you have a paypal account. Click HERE, or click the banner to the right to buy a ticket. If you don’t have a paypal account, refer to our contact page and send us a message so we can reserve a ticket for you. The event is 3 weeks away but I suggest buying your tickets now as they are selling quick. I will be there to judge 5 of the 10 scheduled battles and to represent Kixxie Siete as he battles Chedda3000. I hope to see you guys there and thanks for the support.