Feb, 2011

Happy birthday to Hawthorne local, Theotis Beasley. Peep this video the Baker boys put together.

Just a little weekend update for you guys. We’re in the process of getting a brand new website so bear with us on that. Kixxie got another freeverse for you guys that will be on the website next week. For those of you waiting on Gift Rap’d, its coming. We mentioned we’re workin on some big projects, February is comin to a close so we getting there. Just keep following us, you don’t want to miss anything. (@RGONAUTIX / @kixxiesiete). For now he’s a random photo. Shout out to the Wu Tang.

The good homie Richlee (R Productions) made Top 10 in Mike Kalombo’s Producer Contest on YouTube. Here’s his entry for Round 2. Rate, comment, & subscribe to the boy! Leave him some feedback and help him win this contest, this guy deserves the recognition.

Weeded Wednesdays. More flavors than Baskin Robbins!

Supreme hoodie for Lady Gaga designed by A-Morir’s Kerin Rose. I’m not too sure how I feel about Supreme after this one…

To our steady followers, we apologize for the lack on posts some times. If you don’t know already, we also run a Yacht Klub blog on tumblr so check that out if we’re slacking here. But best believe we’re puttin’ in a lot of work for you guys. We just had another successful session at the studio last night. We got new stuff coming so stay tuned. Sink or swim.

No stress a blunt can’t take care of right?

Our video, “How to roll the perfect blunt” with Kixxie Siete was recently featured on DankLA. DankLA is the premier weed lifestyle brand and blog, giving you the latest news on dank weed, dank food, and pretty much anything dank. Check out the article or watch the video here. “Roll Deep.”

Tyler the Kreator of Odd Future on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. Kixxie used to go to Hawthorne High School with Tyler and even rapped with him in Tyler’s old klique, “Bloxhead”. Good to see homeboy finally gettin’ some shine. KILL THEM ALL.


I always got mad love for the people that take the independent route. I got a couple tees in from the guys at Eminence Worldwide today. They got their Spring line dropping soon so check their website and follow them on twitter to stay up to date.

Remembering a hip hop icon today. BIG L REST IN PEACE!

A favorite for the ladies, Gift Rap’d – Kixxie Siete formerly known as Young Kixx. Happy Valentines Day folks.

The full version of this will be up later this week, follow us on facebook and twitter to stay up to date.

Yes indeed, Kixxie Siete killin’ another Primo beat. Here’s a freeverse over Mos Def’s “Mathematics.” Want to learn how to rap? You better learn how to add, its Argonautix!