Jan, 2011

Volume 3 of our “Just ‘Kus” series. This is… How to roll a perfect blunt with Kixxie Siete.

**This is not intended to diss or bite on Wiz Khalifa; this is simply a play off his “How to roll a perfect joint” video. It’s all for the love of reefer!**

Kixxie Siete spitting over the “Chop em with the Chakra” instrumental. This ones for the weed smokers…

Download link: Kixxie Siete – Chop’em with the Chakra

Kixxie Siete’s top 10 entry for round 2 of Karmaloop Codes’ Cypher Contest hosted by Webb.

Kixxie spittin over Nas is Like, brought to you by OLOGY TV.

Kixxie Siete featured in The Rainset Cypher hosted by The Rainset.

Kixxie Siete’s entry for Karmaloop Codes’ Youtube Cypher Contest hosted by Webb. Beat was produced by R Productions.